For any band to stay together for over 40 years, it has to have something special. The Keith Peters Big Band is no exception, apart from the fact that it has many special things.  The single most influential was Keith, who we sadly lost in June 2021 and who tirelessly provided the music and fronted the band from the beginning.  Then there are the musicians, who come together once a week to rehearse, opening the rehearsal room doors once a month to share the fruits of their labours with yet another special aspect of the band - the audience.  Our followers are so loyal that Keith regularly referred to them as family and concerts have an incredibly warm and friendly feel to them.  Greeting every member of the audience with a huge smile, again right from the beginning, has been Joan, Keith's wife, yet another reason that we are so special.  At least, we think we are, but we're very happy for you to make up your own mind at one of our concerts.

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Concerts are held at 8:30pm on the last Tuesday of each month, at Farm Road Sports and Social Club, Farm Rd, Sheffield S2 2TP.    This is only very occasionally disrupted when Sheffield United are playing at home as we wouldn't want our audience to struggle to park.  We will announce any changes in latest news below.

We're sorry but we have been forced to raise the cost of admission to our monthly concerts.  When we first started, over 40 years ago, entrance was £2.  We raised that to its current level of £3 about 25 years ago but increasing venue costs have meant we need to have only our second rise since we started.  Entrance will now be £5 per person but we hope you'll still find this a small price to pay for a really lovely evening out.  

LATEST NEWS - November 2021

Our next concert will be Tuesday, November 30th starting at 8:30pm at Farm Road Social Club.  We'd ask you not to attend if you have any symptoms of COVID or if you have been in close proximity to someone who has recently tested positive. It would also be appreciated if you could have the right money for attendance - £5 each - so we minimise the need to give you change. 

The venue is well prepared too, with hand sanitisers dotted around, so please make use of them, alongside doing what you can to socially distance, especially on the way in and when at the bar.  All common sense, of course.

Graham Beachell, our resident vocalist, will be back with us too, so we hope you'll welcome his return as warmly as you welcomed ours!



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